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Jackpot Fantasy is a new way for everyone to play skill-based fantasy sports. Players try to pick the best lineup from the athletes available. No salary caps, hunting for sleepers or gaming the system. Players pick their favorites from a pre-generated ticket that all players in the contest are using. Players win by picking the top scorer in each bracket. The brackets are designed to be highly competitive- rather than worrying about total points, it’s about picking winners.

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Jackpot offers operators the opportunity for higher profits while delivering the exciting game experience that comes from a sportsbook-style environment Rather than trying to play against a field of experts, players win by picking the top scorer in each position. The game then becomes about picking winners and not just point values. This leverages the rules of probability, removing the “shark” advantage.

Jackpot Fantasy can be Played Online, Mobile and on a Kiosk

Jackpot Fantasy is platform agnostic- we built the engine to run anywhere that the player wants to access it. A player can login on their computer at home, check the results on their phone and come into a location to collect their prize. Everything is tied together on our secure, proprietary player management system.

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Customer data: Email, visits and demographics.

Longer & More Frequent Visits: Players get new entries every hour, daily or weekly.

The system can run 24 X 7 X 365 due to the unlimited inventory of NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA & NASCAR events running year-round!

Effective and affordable risk mitigation provided by insured prize contests.

Multiple events means mulitple revenue streams!

Jackpot Fantasy offers operators the opportunity to attract a new and upwardly mobile demographic that loves to spend, play and party!

What is Jackpot Fantasy?


Jackpot Fantasy gives the look and feel of an actual Las Vegas Sports Book providing a high excitement, high revenue alternative to standard Daily Fantasy Sports. Bring players into your location to compete in a variety of new and innovative fantasy sport contests that they cannot find online.

What Makes Jackpot Different
  • Jackpot Fantasy is played against the house, eliminating the need for thousands of players in order to produce a profitable game.
  • Players can all play in one pool, easily segmented by location. This allows for one top prize, but local leaderboards. In turn, this makes multiple events easy to run simultaneously.
  • Games can either be pay to play (where allowed), or promotional, which is allowed everywhere.
  • Progressive payouts can be generated and awarded only on the perfect ticket, which has a low probability.
  • Since tickets are determined ahead of time, events and grand prizes can be fully certified and insured up to $1,000,000.
  • Jackpot Fantasy is regulated under the DFS rules and complies with UIGEA 2006.
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How do you Play Jackpot Fantasy
  • First, the player picks the ticket they want to compete in. A location might have one or more tickets to choose from across a number of sports.
  • The player then determines the amount of the entry fee they wish to commit or enters a free promotional game.
  • The player makes one selection in each position for the ticket they chose.
  • Tickets can range in size from six to 12 positions, with a range of two to six selections in each position.
  • The player is trying to get the most correct picks on the ticket to win, not the most points.
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What is Jackpot Fantasy?


Jackpot Fantasy is a quick and easy format that is simple to learn with what will become the first daily progressive jackpots in fantasy sports history. A shark-free experience that rewards each individual's Daily Fantasy Sports skill on their own merits.

2018 Jackpot Fantasy Events

The flexibility of the system we’ve built for Jackpot allows us to run events for a wide range of up and coming sports and competitions. In addition to the traditional sports that we cover, such as the NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NHL and MMA, we are adding alternative sports to the platform to appeal to a new and growing audience.

New Events Coming in 2018
  • eSports
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • CSGO
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • The Oscars
  • 2018 NFL Draft
  • 2018 Elections

Stand Out From Competition with Jackpot Fantasy

Jackpot Fantasy offers operators the opportunity for higher profits while delivering a game experience that echoes a sportsbook-style enviroment. bringing players into their locations to compete in a variety of new and highly innovative fantasy sports contest formats.

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The cornerstone of Jackpot Fantasy is a ticket-based system where players attempt to build the perfect lineup that will take down The House & net a local or national payout.

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Jackpot Fantasy also includes a game which interweaves the skill of fantasy with the chance of bingo.



To appease the daily fantasy fanatics, players can enter their lineups into traditional DFS lobbies against friends & other players in anything from tournaments to head-to-head battles.



Jackpot’s Sit-n-Go games & large-scale tournaments featuring uniquely styled brackets are a way to build an event out of a live draft with the added benefit of an increased impetus to return throughout the season.



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